Tired of spending way too much time lining and coloring your lips? Do you battle with lipstick smudging on your teeth? Are your lips asymmetrical, your lip line receding? Do you feel more confident with lips that are full-shaped and have beautifully balanced color?

Our master artists create symmetrical lips that balance and accentuate the color of your natural lip tones. We go to great lengths to create precise lines, full-lip shading, and balanced color specifically tailored to your personality, skin type, and natural lips tones.

We create a variety of Lip Blush styles: from soft and natural color resembling lip tint, to a complete lipstick effect. Perfection is what we strive for, we pay attention to the minute details before, during, and after your lip treatment. We create consistently beautiful, lush lips. Lips that you wake up to every morning confident they are beautiful and ready for the day!

JWB Lip Blush

Beautifully color-balanced lips, symmetrical and custom tailored to your personality, skin type, & natural lip tones.