Tired of putting on your brows every morning? Let our Master artist create beautiful Combo Brows based on your facial structure, existing eyebrow hair, and skin type. Brows that you can wake up to every morning confident they look beautiful and ready for the day! And yes, they are waterproof!

Our attention to detail before, during, and after your brow treatment is the reason why our results are so natural and consistent. For Combo Brows, we create crisp strokes at the head of the brow using a microblading hand tool. We then use a rotary machine pen to create a powdered makeup look that is dark at the tail and body of the brow, gradually lightening toward the head.

There may be tens, if not hundreds, of artists creating Powder Brows in your area. The difference in skills, experience, and artistry between them varies greatly. J Wood Brows artists have the essential experience, practice, and time invested; they create brows that are superior in quality and satisfaction. To see for yourself, simply check out our Instagram and 5-Star Google Reviews.

A note about Powders Brows: Powder Brows are the preferred technique for individuals with oily skin, and for those desiring full shaded-in eyebrows with crisp brow strokes at the head.

JWB Combo

Crisp strokes at the head, perfectly pixelated in the body and tail